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Eat Sugars To Lose Weight | Easy Weight Loss Tips


Another of the easy ways to lose weight is to make sure your body is getting all the sugars it needs.

Various sugars coat the outside of your cell walls, and help them “talk” to each other and work together to keep you healthy, and fight off unwanted guests.

Notice I said SUGARS (plural). There is a growing body of agreement that in addition to fats, and proteins, there are also Essential Sugars you need to consume. They are critical to your cells so they can function and work together properly. Calling these sugars essential like we did with proteins and fats is a bit misleading. Our bodies can actually manufacture these. However, our bodies are very inefficient at making them.

Among the best of the easy ways to lose weight is to get these sugars from the foods we eat

Easy Ways To Lose Weight | Eat RadishesFoods like leeks, coconut, tomatoes, apples, radishes, corn, mushrooms, broccoli, cabbage, grapefruit, seeds, and barley.

Kelp, Aloe Vera, Shark Cartilage and Whey Protein also contain some of the other sugars you need.

Some of the sugars used to be readily available in fresh dairy products. There is some doubt if they still survive the pasteurisation process uncorrupted. There also is some debate whether or not we need to start taking supplements because foods are rarely vine-ripened, and the soil quality doesn’t have the same nutrients it used to.

What we are discussing here, of course, are carbohydrates. They are genuinely important to every cell in your body, and are vital to your brain working correctly. You will sometimes see or hear people talking about avoiding carbs or going on a low carb diet. As part of our food lovers diet, we know that having a variety of foods to nourish our bodies is one of the very best easy ways to lose weight.

What is not listed as essential, although they are carbohydrates, are refined flours, table sugars, etc.
These are not part of your healthy diet for weight loss because these are absorbed by the body too quickly, and in most people actually get rapidly converted to fat.

Below is a video explaining how sugars work in your body. Please ignore the very last 4 or 5 seconds
– I think it was the start of a documentary that got cut short.
After watching this, you will have the motivation to lose weight by getting these good sugars in you!

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One of the easy ways to lose weight is to make sure every cell in your body gets the sugars they need!

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