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Motivation To Lose Weight


Knowing how to set your motivation to lose weight is one of the Easy Ways to Lose Weight.

If I could teach you a “trick” to get what you want, would that be valuable?

This is part two of our three part mindset series.
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There is “Away From†motivation, and “Towards†type motivation when thinking about your motivation to lose weight. How you set your motivation may determine if you keep the weight off, have a Yo-Yo experience where you lose the weight and then balloon back up, or even lose the weight to begin with.

Both types of motivation have their place, they just need to be used appropriately to be the best road to lose that extra  mass you are carrying around!

Let’s discuss “Away From†motivation.

If you say to yourself, I do not want to be fat, then how does that work?

Motivation To Lose Weight | Easy Ways To Lose WeightHere was how this scenario played out for me:

I sat there and got bigger! Then tried a low fat diet, and thought I was doing the right thing, so I could have a “treatâ€. Then I tried a vegetarian diet, and so on. Well, slowly, I just got bigger, and outgrew my clothes (they were old anyway!).

Although I knew I was “bigâ€, one day, I woke up, looked in the mirror, and said “Whoa!!! – I’m Fat!â€

Now remember, I do NOT want to be fat…

Suddenly, I had to get “away from†being fat. The motivation to lose weight kicked in and I took all kinds of action!

The “how to lose weight in a week†mentality kicked in, and I drank water, walked a lot more, watched what I ate, dusted off the key card to get into the gym and got reacquainted with the treadmill, and quickly (about a month) lost 25 pounds! (11 kg).
Now this is one of the easy ways to lose weight!!

Remember what my motivation to lose weight was??

– “I do not want to be fatâ€.

I was still “bigâ€, but I didn’t think I was “fat†anymore.

Since I didn’t think I was fat anymore (just big), and my clothes were loose again, the motivation to lose weight was gone!

I started eating snacks late at night, eating unhealthy foods, drinking more store bought juices, etc.

And the vicious cycle of grief began again.

“Away From†motivation is great to get you started. It will get you off the couch, away from the TV, and doing something.

However, for long-term results, and to truly keep that wonderful emotion you experience when you are seeing success, you must set a “Towards†type goal. When I changed my thinking, I started seeing long term results.

Some examples of the types of “Towards†goals are I want to fit into these jeans, or I want to run a half-marathon on my birthday every year.

When you imagine those types of “motivation to lose weight” things, PICTURE yourself looking how you want to look, feeling how you want to feel, the sounds, the smells, everything that you want to make that picture as real as possible.  When you reach those goals, you will be better able to MAINTAIN those goals.

So Away From Motivation is bad?

Absolutely NOT! It is the kind of quick motivation that makes you take action FAST!
For Example: I do NOT want to burn my hand; I am moving it away from this flame RIGHT NOW!!

Or: I do not want to throw away a month’s worth of hard work by binge eating before I go to bed – a glass of water will kill hunger pains RIGHT NOW!

Do Not Want Storm | Motivation To Lose WeightHow do you stop picturing yourself overweight?

Change your motivation to lose weight, and change how you talk about yourself!

Picture yourself as you want to be!

How do you do that?

Start saying what you WANT instead of what you DON’T want!!

Want A Beautiful Day | Motivation To Lose WeightSo you don’t want to be fat??

What do you want?

I want to be healthy!
I want to be vibrant!
I want to wear a swimsuit in public at a moment’s notice!
I want to always be able to fit in these jeans!

You get the idea!

Knowing what you want is one of the easy ways to lose weight.

What do you WANT??

I wanted the best diet to lose weight that was ALSO a healthy diet for weight loss.

I think my motivation to lose weight finally came from knowing that even after I lost the weight I could keep doing what I was doing to keep it off.

Before this, I used to think…If I ate 6 sacks of lemons a day until I lost all the weight I wanted, what could I do afterwards?

Deep down, I knew that if an extreme diet for weight loss is how I lost those pounds, once I stopped and went back to my original diet that I was probably going to stack them on again. If I was just going to end up fat again, why go through it all?

That’s why I am so happy that this all came together for me…

This food lovers diet is sustainable for the rest of your life. It is not about eliminating foods, it is about putting them in!

One of the easy ways to lose weight is to make sure you set yourself up with the right motivation to lose weight!
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