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Set Your Weight Loss Goals | Easy Way To Lose Weight


One of the Easy Ways to Lose Weight is to determine your weight loss goals. This is your destination!

An easy way to lose weight that finally put it into perspective for me was actually at work. We were setting our goals for the new financial year. I immediately saw how this applied to my weight loss journey and my way to diet.

If I could show you a way to make sure you are setting a measureable weight loss goal to work towards, and not a weight loss fantasy with no sense of urgency to get there, would that be valuable to you?

This is the third part of our three part mindset series.

Set a S.M.A.R.T. goal for yourself!

Specific | Easy Ways To Lose WeightS: Part of the easy ways to lose weight is to make it: Specific

Are you hoping to get dramatic results?
Or are you only interested in adding some muscle tone?
Is there a target weight?

Regardless, of what your weight loss goals are, they must be specific.

For example, “I want to be thin†is not specific.

“I want to lose weight†is not specific.

“I want to weigh xxx pounds† is specific.

Measurable | Easy Ways To Lose WeightM: Part of the easy ways to lose weight is to make it: Measureable

Reaching your personal weight loss goal is seen by different people in different ways.
One of the easy ways to lose weight is to know when you have achieved your goal.
– Picture it!

Will you know you have reached your weight loss goals when you look down at the scale?

Will you know it when your doctor records your weight at the following check-up?

Mine was getting back into those jeans that I never threw away because I knew I would fit in them again “somedayâ€!

Attainable | Easy Ways To Lose WeightA: Part of the easy ways to lose weight is to make it: Attainable

Attainable – ok – this is the time to be honest with yourself.
Is this a goal, or a dream?

Here’s a consideration to setting your attainable weight loss goals –
If whenever you set a goal for anything in life, you fall short, then perhaps dial back your initial goal and expectations.
If you always get your goals in life pretty easily, then consider challenging yourself.
Success breeds success!

Relevant | Easy Ways To Lose WeightR: Part of the easy ways to lose weight is to make it: Relevant

Setting a relevant weight loss goal is an easy way to lose weight.

Relevant means it’s personal – something you want to do!

This is where you have to look out for you… this is YOUR goal, not someone else’s.
If your mother thinks you should lose 80 pounds, but you want to set a goal for 50, guess which number you should use?

If your weight loss and health goal is to climb that massive set of stairs at the park, but your friend thinks it should be to swim across the river – and you hate swimming! -  which weight loss goal do you think you will WANT to work towards accomplishing?

Timed | Easy Ways To Lose WeightT: Part of the easy ways to lose weight is to make it: Timed

Just like the specific part earlier, you must put an end date when you are going to achieve this.

Saying “Someday†is not good enough, saying “a year from now†is not good enough.

Saying By March 15th is specific and puts an end date.

Imagine if our high school teachers said a geography report was due, but didn’t say when!
– They would STILL be waiting for it!

This is the step where you get a sense of urgency to complete your weight loss goal!
Because you have set a day to complete this, you can keep the motivation to lose weight, a little here, and a little there!
Before you know it, you will have it all done!

How Big Should I Make My Weight Loss Goals?

Setting a weight loss goal is definitely another time for you to be honest with you.
I know we are capable of losing all the weight we want!

However, RIGHT NOW, how much fat can you absolutely COMMIT to losing?

You have to make this goal small enough to achieve, but big enough that you are proud of getting there!

If you have failed miserably in the past, don’t set your mother of all weight loss goals right now!

Set yourself a goal to drink the correct amount of water every day for a week.

Another of the easy ways to lose weight is to know once you have success with an initial goal, set a new, slightly bigger one with a longer time frame.
And so on.

If you are ready to go right now – here’s a suggestion:

Set a realistic goal and timeframe to lose just a quarter of all the weight you want to lose.

Then after you have done that, set a new goal for a third of the remaining weight you want to lose.

Then half of the remaining, then all of it!

You will be there before you know it!

Nothing breeds success like success!

One of the easy ways to lose weight is:

Once you have made a goal, “try it onâ€!

Imagine yourself on the day you achieve that goal, and how you will feel, the types of foods you will be eating as part of your healthy diet for weight loss, the amount of water you will be drinking, the portion sizes, the kinds of healthy snacks you will indulge in.

And once you have immersed yourself knowing that your future self has all the motivation to lose weight and keep it off, that your future self knows the best way to lose weight, and that your future self is absolutely passionate about your food lovers diet – start being that person RIGHT NOW!!

Start drinking that amount of water, start choosing healthy snacks, start eating healthy foods, and healthy portion sizes, start moving the way you know you can! RIGHT NOW!

Just as important as setting a goal is acknowledging that you have achieved it!

Aim for a reward that you can be proud of. A friend of mine bought herself a massage chair when she reached her goal weight, and only allows herself to use it as a reward every day when she finishes her work out!

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One of the Easy Ways to Lose Weight is to set SMART Goals!

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