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Talk Yourself Thin | An Easy Way To Lose Weight


Having the motivation to lose weight is one of the Easy Ways To Lose Weight.

Self Talk | Easy Ways To Lose Weight

If I could show you a simple change of phrase that is the difference between having a rough, terrible, really HARD time losing weight, and being wildly successful in your weight loss journey, would it be worth a couple minutes of your time?

Then keep reading!! Knowing how to talk to yourself is one of the very easy ways to lose weight!

This is the first of a three part series on your mindset, this article may explain your current mindset, the next one explains how to set your motivation to lose weight, and the third part will walk you through actually setting a weight loss goal. These articles are all related, and should be read at once or if you don’t have the time for that, read this now, parts two and three later.

There are different kinds of motivation, and how you set your goals and your “self-talk†will determine your long term success.  These Easy Ways to Lose Weight can help you get healthy and STAY healthy!

Stick with me here, this is an important concept, and I promise it is worth the read:

You can’t think about NOT something without thinking about the something you aren’t supposed to think about.

Thinking | Easy Ways To Lose WeightThink about it…here it is again…
You Can’t Think About NOT Something-
without thinking about the Something-
you aren’t supposed to think about.

“Huh?†I can hear you say.

Brown Dog | Easy Ways To Lose WeightAn exercise with a brown drooling dog:

Let me clarify by giving an example of something NOT to think about…

Right now, and for a moment, do NOT think about a big, drooling, rose-scented dog whose fur feels soft like velvet.
Do NOT imagine a big, drooling, rose-scented dog panting in your room, leaning on your leg right now.

Are you not thinking about that dog – Right Now!

At the very best NOT thinking about that dog was a 2 step process.

You may have ended up thinking about something else in the end, but initially, you would have had to think about that dog in order to process that image or thought to finally think about something else!

Or perhaps, you may still be thinking about that big, drooling dog, and how the owner got it to smell like roses!

This is because your subconscious mind thinks in pictures, and can’t really process “Do Not’sâ€.
After you are already thinking about what you shouldn’t think about, it is then your conscious mind that comes in and makes the logical choice of trying to think about something else.

Why is this important?

One of the most important easy ways to lose weight is to understand that saying “I do not want to be fat†– which you may have said to yourself a LOT of times has caused you to form – at best – a brief mental image of you being fat.

And if you have said this to yourself a lot of times, guess what?
You have made that image of you being fat to yourself a LOT of times!
– You and your body – not on purpose – are only doing what you have been telling it to do!

Here’s why knowing this becomes one of the Easy Ways to Lose Weight …

Knowing what we have reviewed about forming pictures in your mind, which way to talk to yourself would be the best way to lose weight:

I do not want to be fat.
I am on my own food lovers diet
I am on a healthy diet for weight loss.
or better yet:
I am getting healthier every day and these things I do are easy ways to lose weight.

Ok, so now I know what I should NOT do… what do I do?

One of the easy ways to lose weight is the answer to this question.
Continue on to Part 2 of this series!
(I promise you, it all starts coming together there!)
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