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Vegetables To Lose Weight


Anther of the easy ways to lose weight is to eat vegetables to lose weight.

These contain a host of nutrients that your body desperately needs and can’t product on its own.

Easy Ways To Lose Weight | Vegetables To Lose WeightI fully understand that leafy greens are technically vegetables, but for the purposes of your food lovers diet, please treat them as a separate category that you must have every day. So, to be clear, leafy greens and vegetables should form the bulk of your healthy diet for weight loss. They will keep your stomach physically full, and provide you with a lot of good stuff!

I keep carrots and celery near me all the time to snack on! In addition, another wonderful vegetable to snack on is a cucumber!

Carrots are a miracle vegetable that seem to have an endless list of benefits. They can help with skin problems. They help clean your liver. (This is important! Your liver is what processes fat!!).

Celery sticks are excellent for arthritis and reducing fluid retention. They also can help calm your nerves, so if you are having trouble sleeping, load up on the celery! – And of course, where would a cucumber be without having a tomato in the mix!

Cucumbers are excellent at reducing fluid retention!  Seeing yourself in the mirror without excess fluid is an excellent way to keep your motivation to lose weight!

Brussels Sprouts are absolutely fantastic! Eating them is definitely one of the easy ways to lose weight.

Broccoli is a power vegetable, and should be a frequent part of your best diet to lose weight!

Garlic, Onions, Green Beans and Leeks can be worked into any meal.

Have fun! Eat vegetables to lose weight…

…that grow above the ground one day, and then below ground the next!

If you have to have potatoes, please go with sweet potatoes, or yams rather than the regular ones.

In order to preserve as many nutrients as possible, please try to keep the cooking time to a minimum.

With all this in mind, please know when eating vegetables to lose weight there is always a good, better, best practice with everything in life, and if you can’t have the best, then you have the best that you can do.

Good: Start incorporating healthy serves of frozen vegetables into your diet.
Better: Incorporate healthy serves of fresh vegetables into your diet.
Best: Incorporate healthy serves of fresh organic vegetables into your diet.

Good: Cooked until mushy.
Better: Very lightly cooked / lightly grilled / lightly baked
Best: Raw.

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Again, one of the easy ways to lose weight is to make sure you eat  leafy greens and eat vegetables to lose weight as the majority of your diet!

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