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Water And Weight Loss


One of the easy ways to lose weight is to drink more water and weight loss will follow!

Dehydrated | Water And Weight LossYour modern diet is dehydrating you!

A factor in the modern methods of food distribution is processing foods so they last longer on the shelf. This usually means many of the foods we are probably eating are lacking in moisture. This has the effect of dehydrating us.  After eating these foods for so long, the signal our body is sending us for thirst may be misinterpreted for hunger. Are you actually hungry? …“ Most likely it is thirst. Water and weight loss go hand in hand.

Just 50-60 years ago, most of our meals were prepared with fresh ingredients that had a lot of moisture in them (salads, vegetables, and fruits). Modern foods mean we are not getting water from our food intake, AND we have to make up additional water intake for the foods being slightly dehydrated to last longer on the shelf.

Preservatives | Water And Weight LossDon’t Preservatives Keep My Food Fresh?

Another by-product of making things last on supermarket shelves longer is preservatives. A preservative used to be something as simple as salt. Now days, many preservatives are chemical compounds that our bodies have not really been designed to deal with directly.

One of the ways our bodies use water is to flush out these toxins. We come in contact with all kinds of toxins everyday by breathing, eating, drinking, touching things. Our bodies are equipped to handle these by using water to get rid of them! If your body is not getting enough water, and it has a toxin to deal with, one of the ways our bodies may try to protect us is to …œwrap… the toxin in fat and put it to the side until it has enough fluid to deal with it later. One of the easy ways to lose weight is to drink water and weight loss follows by getting rid of those toxins! Our healthy diet for weight loss will allow you to flush out more toxins because you will have more natural foods as part of your food lovers diet.

Survival Mode | Water And Weight LossNo Matter What, Make

Sure You Read This!

Please follow along with this next part, because it is important:

Because you haven’t been drinking enough water -probably for years!! …“ your body is most likely in survival mode, and has been storing what water it could everywhere it could. You are probably swollen and bloated from your body storing water because it didn’t know when the next drink was coming, or if it would ever get enough water.

Once you start drinking water regularly, your body trusts that it will keep getting enough water and weight loss soon follows. You will start to release the excess water you have been storing. You will probably go to the restroom much more than you wanted to during these couple days. This is an encouraging sign!! It means your body is starting to release all the …œold… water it has been hanging on to!

While this is happening, it may seem like as soon as you take a drink, it wants to come right back out. You may get discouraged thinking that drinking water just isn’t working …“ you are right on the edge of success! …“ stick with it for a couple more days and watch your motivation to lose weight skyrocket!

Easy Ways To Lose Weight | Water And Weight LossHow Much Water Should I Drink?

As a general rule, we should drink about 30ml / kg of weight, or about ½ oz per lb. to start with as a minimum. This amount should be spread evenly throughout the day with a couple glasses as soon as you wake up, and a glass about a half hour before every meal. After your evening meal, instead of snacking, drink a glass of water and weight loss can happen while you sleep! (You don’t really need food sitting in your stomach while sleeping, now do you??)

Drink Water | Water And Weight LossShould I Drink Warm or Cold Water?

There is evidence that drinking cold water will burn more calories because your body has to use energy to warm it up. There is also evidence that people drink less water when it is cold.

However you choose to drink your water, please make sure you drink as much as you should! Cold water and weight loss go together; room temperature water and weight loss is perfect! These are surely some of the easy ways to lose weight.

Water with Lemon | Water And Weight LossHow about diet sodas? They are made from water, right?

Very important to note this article is about WATER AND WEIGHT LOSS, not fluid. Diet sodas don’t count as one of the easy ways to lose weight. In fact, I have had success by avoiding those carbonated beverages altogether. I may write an article about this later, but here’s a hint …“ refer to an earlier paragraph in this article about what our bodies may do with toxins it doesn’t know how to process. Diet sodas are loaded with processed ingredients.

Drink Wine | Water And Weight LossI am NOT giving up my Coffee, Wine, Beer, etc.

I can relate to that!!

Just understand that coffee, alcohol, and other diuretics will not quench your thirst. Please understand I love my coffee, and enjoy a glass of wine (or two!), so I am not suggesting to eliminate these …“ just to appreciate that if you are going to have these, make sure you have a strategy in place to keep yourself hydrated to make sure that drinking water and weight loss continues. Drinking these may dehydrate you and put your body right back into survival mode.

When I have a cup of coffee, I make sure I drink an extra 3 tall glasses of water that morning / afternoon / whenever I have my coffee. When I am out enjoying wine, I make sure to drink a tall glass of water in between each, and make sure to monitor my thirst the next day!

One of the easy ways to lose weight is not to give up coffee, but to add more water and weight loss continues!

Another reason to drink water as one of the easy ways to lose weight is to KNOW that your brain is very much made of water.

If you are dehydrated, your brain may not be functioning at its peak.
If your brain can’t function at its peak, your organs and everything that help you lose weight may not be getting all the best signals to get rid of your excess weight.

Also, if your brain IS functioning at its peak, then you will be able to drink water and weight loss will happen because you will make better decisions! One of the easy ways to lose weight is to recognise that better decisions mean you will start differentiating between hunger and thirst!

Water And Weight Loss | Easy Ways To Lose WeightWhile there are many more reasons to list for water and weight loss…

…the one I will finish with is this: We all know that drinking water will make your skin look better, and healthier! Flushing out the toxins and hydrating your skin will give you a healthy glow!

Getting rid of the excess fluid you are hanging on to in addition to making better decisions combined with healthier skin will provide motivation to lose weight by adding a healthy diet for weight loss and the other easy weight loss tips contained on this site!

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Water and weight loss go hand in hand and is one of the easy ways to lose weight.
To Your Health! …“ Bottoms Up!


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