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Your Own Food Lovers Diet


Another of the Easy Ways to Lose Weight is to change from a diet where you think about what you can’t have in to your own Food Lovers Diet ! Fill your diet with foods that love you back!

Don’t eat to satisfy your hunger….Eat to nourish yourself!

It really is that simple!

There is no single magic food that is going to do it all for you. While eating nothing but lemons, or acai berries, or whatever the latest fad is, may work in the short term, can you really eat nothing but grapefruit for the rest of your life?? You will need whole foods from all of the food groups.

While you are going through this site, think about what you want your food lovers diet to look like when you are done!
You are not fighting food, you are loving it!

To get started, get foods that you really love in each of the following articles, and build some recipes. Get used to having those types of foods around you all the time, and then incorporate new foods from those categories.
Take this time, and make your own food lovers diet.

Start loving more of the foods that love you and your motivation to lose weight will skyrocket!

If your body is getting what it needs, then you will feel a healthy hunger, not ravenous hunger swings that lead to binge eating.

Food Lovers Diet | Easy Ways To Lose WeightObesity has really only become a global problem over the last 50 years or so…
It really begs the question:
What is different now vs what our great-grandparents ate?

Go back in your family about 100 generations – what do you think they were eating?

Their food lovers diet consisted of Vegetables, fruits, nuts, leafy greens, fresh dairy, fish, grains, beans, and maybe 2 -3 times a week – meat.  It worked for them; it can work for us too!

I am promoting as one of the easy ways to lose weight your own Food Lovers Diet…

…where you eat the same as your ancestors – real, whole, foods!

They didn’t have chemical based preservatives, or artificial colors. They didn’t have refrigeration, so all their food was fresh. Also, a lot of those foods have moisture in them, so their requirement to drink more water would have been much less.

They didn’t eat a lot of processed sugary and floury foods.

They ate what grew in their yard.

They ate fresh.

They ate often.

They enjoyed a cool drink of water throughout the day.

You are creating your own food lovers diet with habits that can sustain you a lifetime. Eat a balanced diet full of goodness as one of the easy ways to lose weight! Your healthy diet for weight loss isn’t something you do now, and then go back to eating some other way. This is the normal way to eat!

Leafy greens are absolutely fantastic for you! The health benefits from these things are amazing.

The darker the green, the better it will be for you. Spinach and Kale are magnificent for you.

I love iceberg lettuce. I also recognise that it isn’t a very dark shade of green, so I use it as a treat when I have loaded up on bell peppers, olives, tomatoes, and (yes) – dandelion leaves. The leaves on those pesky things that grow in your backyard are loaded with wonderful things for you!

I am taking the long road to say that one of the easy ways to lose weight is to incorporate a lot more foods into your diet that are alive, and come out of the ground.

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Making sure you have something like leafy greens, vegetables, and fruit, with every meal as part of your own food lovers diet is one of the easy ways to lose weight.

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